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Donate now? Donate now!

We are
a new generation of giving


Your donation will help create a better future.
With Common Coin you can now support various NGOs at the same time.


Common Coin rethinks the principle of giving and is dedicated to the following areas


environmental protection

humanitarian aid

animal welfare


Together we are a good team: you give and we make sure that your donation ends up where it makes the most difference.


Through Common Coin, you support a continuously growing list of highly effective NGOs that we have carefully selected:


Common Coin directs 95% of your donation directly to these NGOs. But that’s not all! With 5% you support our larger mission: to excite even more people for these causes and build a new generation of giving.


We are on the streets, we are raising our voices to stand for equality and all living beings. I‘ve made it my mission to mobilise my family, friends - my generation - and create a network to use our recourses for good and to fight for our future.

Common Coin is a first step, the most basic, easiest way to start.

Join me and be part of the next generation of giving.
Be a part of Common Coin.

Stanley Wortmann