Why Common Coin

Donate now? Donate now!

The German donation market is in a continuous negative development.

According to the German Donations Council e.V., in the period from 2005 to 2020, the number of donors fell from 34.6 million to 19 million. That is a decrease of 15.6 million female donors.

Especially in the age group 18 to 39 years, relatively few people donate. Only 3.9 million people are active donors. In contrast, there are 18.22 million people who could potentially donate.

There may be many reasons: They may still lack awareness, or the existing offerings on the German donation market may not meet their needs, or they may be overwhelmed by the number of NGOs.

We believe that each of us carries altruism, the need to help others.

With Common Coin as a non-profit fundraising platform, we are creating a new alternative, transparent and efficient donation offer to counteract the negative development of the German donation market.
We give people the opportunity to donate money with little effort and thus make an active, sustainable and social contribution in the areas of environmental protection, humanitarian aid and animal welfare.

Common Coin, we are a new generation of giving.