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Donate now? Donate now!

According to the Deutsche Spendenrat e.V., the number of givers in Germany declined by 15.6 million between 2005 and 2020. People under 40 in particular give very little. We think this is an alarming development. There can be many reasons for this: giving is too time-consuming, researching NGOs is overwhelming, there is a lack of trust in the organizations and their distribution of money.

Common Coin has a mission: to counteract this giving decline and help build a new generation of active givers.

Common Coin offers you a simple and transparent service: with one click you directly support carefully selected, large international as well as small but very effective local NGOs. This makes it easy to donate safely and responsibly. Common Coin is not only a great service for sustainable giving: we also offer workshops, educational talks and social events to get people excited about making a difference. Join us and become part of a new generation of giving!