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Transparency creates trust.
Trust creates connection.
Connection creates community.
Community creates change.

By Stanley Wortmann
(Founder & Social Changemaker with Common Coin)

The trust of our givers is our most valuable good. Trust is created and strengthened through transparency and believability, which is why the transparent handling of giving and transparent communication of our activities are so essential to us.


For impact-oriented reporting, we follow the Social Reporting Standard (SRS) 2014. Every year, Common Coin publishes an impact report that, on the one hand, reports on all the non-profit organizations supported by Common Coin and illustrates the impact of the donations and, on the other hand, reports on the development of Common Coin and contains the annual financial report.


Currently, we are still reviewing our inclusion as a signatory to the signatory to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. For this Common Coin is committed to publishing the following information in an easily accessible and transparent manner on our website:

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation

• Common Coin gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
• Register Court: Charlottenburg Berlin, Registernummer: HRB 230134 B
• Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin, Europa
• Year of foundation: 2021
• Contact Person: Stanley Wortmann / stanley@common-coin.org

2. Complete articles of association as well as information on the aims of Common Coin

• Constitution: common-coin-constitution.pdf
• Vision: common-coin-vision.pdf

3. Information on the tax benefit

The work of Common Coin serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged non-profit purposes in the sense of §§ 51 ff. A0 and, according to the last notice of exemption received by us from the Tax Office for Corporations I, Berlin on July 05, 2021, is exempt from corporate income tax pursuant to Section 5 (1) No. 9 of the Corporate Income Tax Act and from trade tax pursuant to Section 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act.

4. Name and function of key decision-makers

• Management: Stanley Wortmann
• Ethics Board:
• Board of Directors:

5. Operating report

We will publish our first activity report with our 2022 Annual Report in January 2023.

6. Personnel structure

Currently Common Coin has five volunteers.

7. Information on the source of funds

Common Coin receives private, monetary donations and corporate monetary donations. We will publish our first source of funds report with our 2022 Annual Report in January 2023.

8. Information on the use of funds

Common Coin has committed internally to the policy of using a maximum of 5 percent of private donations received to fund all costs incurred, such as transaction costs and fundraising costs . The remaining 95 percent of private donations go strictly to non-profit organizations in the fields of environmental protection, humanitarian aid and nature conservation.

Common Coin uses incoming corporate donations to finance all other fixed costs and fundraising activities. The remaining corporate donations go exclusively to non-profit organizations in the fields of environmental protection, humanitarian aid and nature conservation.

We will publish our first report on the use of funds with our Annual Report 2022 in January 2023.

Affiliation with third parties under company law

Common Coin does not have any corporate affiliations with third parties.

10. Names of persons whose annual payments exceed 10% of the total annual budget

Mugge UG (haftungsbeschränkt)